Below you will find our policies regarding adoption. If you have any questions, please Contact Us before placing a deposit.

Puppy Adoption Agreement

Health Guarantee: We, the Breeder, guarantee that upon purchase, the puppy is in good health and has been immunized and wormed according to its accompanying health record. The puppy has been vet checked and has a health certificate.

1-Year Genetic Health Warranty (applicable only to select litters): We do try to ensure that you purchase a genetically healthy puppy and if in case your puppy is found to have a genetic disorder (such as hip and elbow dysphasia, pathological spinal disorder, luxating patella, and a continuing open fontinel) as diagnosed by a Licensed veterinarian within one year of purchase, we will exchange your puppy for one of equal value. There are however, no warranties against common sickness or accidents incurred on your part after the puppy is in your possession, nor are we responsible for any vet bills. All regular health care maintenance and immunizations are the buyer’s responsibility as described below.

Owner’s Responsibility: You, the new owner, agree to take care of this dog; feeding and housing it properly and maintaining its vaccinations and dewormings. You also agree to see to its proper physical and emotional care and welfare. You assume all responsibility for any accidents or injuries caused by the misbehavior of the puppy after it is in your possession. The death, injury or loss of said dog, due to theft, carelessness, recklessness, abuse, neglect, heat stroke, or accident will not entitle you (buyer) to any compensation from us (breeder). This dog is warranted only for the purpose of being a companion animal; not for any other purpose or reason, such as breeding or show, etc.

Refund Policy:
It is our honor and privilege to work with our customers to make them happy with their purchase. However, we do not provide any refunds unless the puppy is under a signed genetic health guarantee and has a genetic diagnosed issue by a licensed vet, or if the puppy is cancelled before shipped or picked up. We can refund the purchase amount. However, the 206 dollar deposit will not be refunded. No refunds once the puppy has left here or if we don’t have the puppy! If you have any questions please contact us!

Delivery Policy:
It is our privilege to make happy customers and we are honored to provide ground shipping at a good price. However, our policy is that our puppy is paid in full before being shipped. If you have any questions about shipping please contact us!

Return Policy:
It is our honor and privilege to find good homes for our precious fur babies. However, once a puppy leaves our hands, there are no returns unless it is under a signed health genetic guarantee . If you have any questions please contact us!

Cancellation Policy:
It is our privilege to work with our customers and for them to be satisfied. However, if you want to cancel your purchase, our refund policy is we don’t refund the 206 dollar deposit. We can refund the remaining balance if the puppy was paid in full. And no refunds whatsoever unless we have the puppy. If you have any questions contact us!

Remember to Contact Us with any questions you have.

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